Glitchy with a laid back feel

I've been playing a lot with LoopShifter which is the main instrument that comes with Max for Live.

I'm still a vastly inexperienced piano player and most of what I try and improvise on the piano sounds really bad as music. But I have a great piano sound and some parts can sound okay (e.g. I play short arpeggio's that sound nice). So I've been feeding little bits of music to LoopShifter and playing with the resulting timbres.

One of the things LoopShifter does really well is a kind of crackly, spitting, granular sound that is often an unwanted by-product in other granular effects/instruments but sounds really good coming out of LoopShifter.

So I've been doing my thing... turning snippets of straight piano into glitchy improvisations and then adding some backing parts with Stylus RMX. In this case a very minimal kick drum with some EQ, delay, and some Replicant.

I felt an urge for it to sound more musical and turned to Omnisphere for some accompaniment parts. Really Omnisphere is such a great idea factory. It's hard to browse the sounds available not find things you want to use.

In the end one of the steel guitar patches, run through Omnisphere's Retroplex delay, had the perfect kind of lazy, ethereal, quality I was looking for. I went about arranging that and then continued rummaging for some more sounds to fill it out.

The resulting track is rather longer, at a little over eight minutes, that I intended and, if i were in a critical mood, i'd say it needed another element to justify that length. But overall I think it's not bad. Hope you enjoy it.

04/08/2010 13:08 by Matt Mower | Permalink
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