Reichatron 1.0

Slightly belated post but I'm announcing that Reichatron 1.0 has been released:


Here's a sample of something I cooked up with it by blending the phase shifting of different guitar parts before feeding them to the effects section:

This is my first Reaktor instrument and represents a big effort on my part getting to grips with the basics of Reaktor. But these efforts would have been for nought without the help of many people to whom I am indebted:

  • Ernest Meyer of Heavens on Earth
  • rachMiel
  • The good folk of the the NI Reaktor user forum (especially the rb_macroʼs project)
  • Mike Daliot for his inspirational Metaphysical Function instrument (wish I had a link to Mike, he seems like a ghost in the machine)

Also I would like to thank my fellow members of who have been supportive of my musical efforts and encouraged me to go on. I'd like to single out also those who responded to my call for samples to go with the Reichatron release. I'd hoped to maybe get a dozen and ended up with half a gigabyte of original material for the release.

So a big thank you to

and, of course, to

because, without Alonetone, who knows if Iʼd still even be on this musical journey.

Please go listen to their music.

Lastly Iʼd like to thank Ronnie of for permission to use some of his excellent mixed bag samples (which work great for phase shifting) and Rhythmn Lab/Cyberworm for some excellent flute samples.

The response to Reichatron has been very uplifting and, for which, thank you to all those who left comments. I have several improvements to the basic instrument in mind as well as a couple of new experiments planned.

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