Logic automation problems

I'm having a problem with Logic Automation. I have two AU's Sinevibes Gateboy and Audio Damages BigSeq that aren't working properly.

If I automate one of the plugin parameters from Logics automation track that's fine. The plugin responds to the automation. However if I change something within the plugin (i.e. select a preset, move a control) nothing is written to Logic's automation track.

This severely hampers my ability to automate these plugins as it's much better to get an effect you like by manipulating the plugins controls and saving a preset then selecting that to automate than it is to try and do the same thing in the automation track directly (not to mention the hassle of creating tracks for each parameter).

Does anyone else have this problem in Logic 8?

10/01/2009 23:31 by Matt Mower | Permalink | comments:
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