Up and over

Great fun at karate last night. We started the lesson working on the bags, kicking and punching. That's always hard work and my knuckles are suitably skinned today. Then we did something new. We borrowed the mats the Aikido club use and started practicing some of the throws from the kata's.

While I realize that practicing a throw with a willing participant is not quite the same thing as actually throwing someone attacking you, nevertheless, it was interesting and pretty fun. Then we got some even bigger mats to try something else.

This required learning to do a forward somersault and protect the head. Never having done such a thing before I was rather nervous. My brain kept saying "You can't be serious about doing this." Nevertheless I tried it and discovered it's quite easy, actually quite enjoyable.

Then we practiced the 'sacrifice throw'. So named because, in order to throw your opponent, you end up on the floor as well. If it goes wrong you're going to be in trouble. I still don't quite know how I did it but apparently I was able to throw my partner Terry over my head and, then safely, be thrown.

A really fun, out of the ordinary, lesson and a good way to end the week. But I will say this... make sure never to be the senior grade in the room when Sensei is demonstrating throws :)

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