What does the UK government have to do with Phorm?

It appears that HMG have given the go-ahead for Phorm to be deployed in the UK.

In response to EU questions about its legality, it said that it was happy Phorm conformed to EU data laws. But any future deployments of the system must be done with consent and make it easy for people to opt out.

The controversy over the Phorm ad-serving system blew up following revelations that the system had been trialled by telecoms firm BT without the consent of users.

Clarifying how the system will be used in response to the EU request, the UK government said future trials must be done with consent from those being targeted.

It's not clear to my why the government are reassuring the EU. Shouldn't the company behind the service be shouldering the burden? What is the governments involvement in Phorm?

The only good news is that they have, apparently, declared that it can only trialled as an opt-in consent based scheme. I hope they are held to that. I've already contacted my ISP once about Phorm.

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