Bloody socialists

So the music industry is lobbying government to tax every internet user £30 per year to cover the cost of illegal music sharing? What a surprise.

Ministers are backing proposals that would enable millions of broadband users to pay an annual levy which would allow them to copy as much previously illegal music from the internet as they wanted. The money raised would be channelled back to the rights-holders, with artists responsible for the most popular songs receiving a bigger slice of the cash.

Who could see this as anything other than absurd? The music industry, running shy of any kind of business model that continues their fat profits in isolation of the value they offer, once again seeks draconian state powers to affect us all: downloaders and non-downloaders alike.

And why not? This will turn into a huge money tap for them. Once people know "it's okay" to download they probably will. This in turn will lead to the music lobby complaining that £30 isn't enough and pretty soon we'll have a nice state funded music business that will hang around our necks forever.

Look for the film lobby to get in one this one while the going is good.


24/07/2008 14:38 by Matt Mower | Permalink | comments: