3G should be better than this

Anyone else find the T-Mobile 3G network a little less than impressive? Listening to people talking about their EDGE connections being slow I wonder if I am getting what I'm paying for.

I have two main complaints. The first is that it doesn't seem very fast. When using the N73 as a Bluetooth modem things aren't so bad, but when using either the built-in browser or the mobile GMail client it's sometimes unbearable. GMail is useful but often I hit refresh and wait minutes only to get a network or gateway timeout error. I think this is a T-Mobile issue since it often happens when I am getting a full 3G signal according to my phone. That's pretty unacceptable to me.

The whole thing is still a whole lot better than the nothing I had before, but I'd find it hard to recommend T-Mobile 3G based on my experience to this point.

If there is a 3G iPhone later this year I will definitely be among those buying one. It should be the faster 3G than I have (I was told because I wanted the N73 rather than the N95 that I would get a slower version of 3G... I hated the N95 so it seemed a reasonable trade-off at the time) but, even if it's no faster, at least I will not be suffering a device with the usability of the N73 (which was, I guess, okay until the iPod Touch ruined me for all other mobile devices).

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