Yellow belt

It's hard for me to believe that I have only been doing karate about 9 months. It's become such a regular commitment and an integral part of my life here. Today I passed my 7th Kyu grading and got my yellow belt.

I'm still a beginner, yet I can feel I have come quite a way since those awkward first steps as a white belt. Todays lesson was hard but I felt that the grading itself went well apart from one little mistake I made during the kihon (the basic practice) which I hope went unremarked because I did the rest well rather than that it just wasn't seen.

I'm grateful once again to Sensei Richard Hughes for his teaching and support. This last month I am especially grateful that he runs classes each weekday so I have been able to work around missing a few of my regular Tuesday classes.

Although I have really enjoyed practicing Heian Nidan (the 8th Kyu kata) I'm really looking forward to learning the next kata, and the kumite looks more interesting as well.

If, by some chance, you live near Maidenhead, Woodley, Burnham, or Windsor and you fancy trying Karate I heartily recommend Richard's dojos to you. He is as friendly as he is professional.

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