A dose of real oppression

As much as I may fear the British and American governments I know that most of us are, at worst, frogs in luke warm water. So I'm not sure how I'd feel to be in truly hot water in Burma right now where the military junta appear to be ready to beat or shoot protestors including monks.

Thousands of protesters are back on the streets of Burma's main city Rangoon after overnight raids in which monks were reportedly beaten and arrested.

There are no indications yet that the military government is ready to listen to the many calls for restraint being made around the world, says the BBC's South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head.

Since I have seen nothing to the contrary I believe that this is a peaceful protest by monks and their supporters against the way their government is treating them.

Avaaz.org is organizing a petition to be sent to the UN and the Chinese government:

We're calling for UN powers--above all China, which holds the economic strings of the Burmese regime--to apply decisive pressure now to stop the violence, and to broker a peaceful transition. If they fail to do this, the massacres will be sudden.

My concerns about intervening in the internal affairs of other countries aside, I am happy to sign a petition calling for restraint in how a government, particularly such a government, treats people with a legitimate protest.

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