Thank you, the BBC!

Okay despite the fact that I no longer watch broadcast TV and despite my continued irritation with BBC policy I have continued to pay my Television license since I keep a TV in the house to watch DVD's and the odd downloaded program. It seems safest this way.

I posted a few days ago about some music I really wanted to get. When I originally posted I just had a snatch of lyrics and no idea where I kept hearing it. Last night I heard it again on BBC7 and I sent in a message via the BBC web site asking about it. I fully expected not to hear anything or to get some boilerplate "we cannot reply to individual queries" message in response.

Instead, this morning, I got this:

Thanks for your e-mail.
The music you refer to is called 'Radio Times' from a CD called 'Radio Days' by Henry Hall & The BBC >Dance Orchestra. It is on the Conifer label.
Best wishes.

Thank you. Thank you. :-)

From now on I am going to imagine my TV license goes to pay the staff on the BBC contact page site (and the people at Radio4 and BBC7 of course!)

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