Pain can be a great motivator (to finish your first Mac application!)

Not the best weekend on record as I seem to have developed an ear infection which is both very painful and very uncomfortable (my jaw isn't working properly). I decided that, rather than spending the day waiting in casualty to be seen by a doctor, I would take my mind off it by debugging the problem with my first MacOSX app that has been preventing me from releasing it these last few (okay 8) weeks.

So I'm quite pleased to be able to announce Diffly my first real MacOSX application written in Objective-C using the beautiful Cocoa framework.

Diffly in action

If you're a developer, use MacOSX, and use Subversion you might want to take a look.

I originally started writing Diffly because I found myself getting frustrated paging through the output svn diff | more and tabbing backwards and forwards to another tool when I was writing check-in messages. I wanted something that would give me an integrated overview of my working copy and offer me a smoother check-in workflow. Diffly is the product of that.

It's quite usable (I use it every day) and, as of today, seems to be stable on both Intel and PPC macs. I wrote it to scratch my own itch, but of course I am very pleased if others find it useful too. Let me know what you think.

Anyway I can go to bed happy for, today, I am a MacOSX software author! :-)

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