No i'm not giving up alchohol or leeches. This is just my public realisation that a pledge is no use if nobody signs up because you didn't tell them about it.

A little while ago I used PledgeBank to create a pledge asking people to test the UK Data Protection Act's Subject Access Request mechanism. The idea is to see how well the system works for us individuals, what the process is like, and what sort of data you get back. I'm going to send mine to my cell phone company, Orange, but any supplier is fine.

Unfortunately I've failed, spectularly, to actually tell anyone about the pledge and am now trying to make amends.

Please; If you are interested in privacy, in what companies think they know about you (and the information they will process in making decisions about you), and in what you can do about it then I urge you to take the pledge. If you sign up you aren't committing yourself to anything arduous and, in return, you may learn something very interesting.

On the other hand if you don't think this is a worthwhile exercise I'd really like to hear why. Knowing what they know is of considerable interest to me and I'm keen to understand if that is (or will be) universal. Are there are other perspectives out there to be heard?

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