Good Apples, Bad Apples

Just been reading some of a series about compliants with the MacBook Pro over at the Red Sweater Blog (via Non Stop Mac).

One of the fans on my 12" PowerBook sounds like it has a bearing going which would be very bad news if it meant I needed to send it away. I rely on this machine as my work computer (pfft if I'm going to use a PC again) and can't afford to be without it for weeks on end.

Back when I bought the PowerBook I had it in mind that I might only use it for a year before buying whatever new machines Apple had. But I played with a white MacBook yesterday and I can't say I was enamoured, the feel is all wrong and I didn't like the glossy screen.

Having said that I've also found the PowerBook to be such a lovely machine that I'm really in no hurry to lose it. If possible I'll hang on to it well into 2007.

Now, what's the best way to get that fan fixed I wonder?

Update: Actually now I think about it I wonder why this fan is running continuously when the CPU temperature is about 48-50 degrees. Should it run all the time?

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