Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't sit in the front-row or a box

Dad and I went to see Jo Caulfield's stand-up show last night at the Norden Farm Theatre. If you've ever heard her Radio 4 show "It's That Jo Caulfield Again" the live show is funnier, a lot ruder, and quite terrifying.

Jo is very into audience participation which she interprets as "find things out about the audience and then pick at them mercilessly". I don't imagine slutty Kathy will choose to sit so prominently at future events. I think it works well because she seems to be good at judging how up for it anyone she picks on is. Nevertheless I felt a mild sense of panic every time her gaze passed my way.

She's a great laugh and I'd definitely go see her again (and sit further back than row 3)!

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