Friday, January 20, 2006

What a waste of time the capslock key is!

How many times have I ever intentionally pressed capslock?

Let me put this question into context. I think I got my first IBM PC computer when I was 14. It wasn't actually an IBM, if memory serves it was a Hitachi, but anyway it had a genuine IBM PC clickety-clack keyboard. Which probably had a capslock key on it.

Some 20 years later I am using a PowerBook with a lovely, tactile, keyboard that also has a caps lock key. By surface area it is probably the 3rd or 4th biggest key on the keyboard and has a prominent position right under my left little finger.

With that kind of history and positioning behind it this must be a pretty damned important key, right? So, how many times have I deliberately pressed this key?

None. Zero. Never.

I'm pretty sure I have never thought to myself: I really want to type in ALL CAPS now, make it so! How about you?

My bonus question is: How many times have I accidentally toggled on the CAPS LOCK and ended up typing the wrong password into a field?

Probably about a couple of times a month which could mean upwards of 360 times since I started using PCs. It's criminal.

So why the hell do we still have a capslock key? If the Mac can go from PowerPC to Intel and mice can come with two buttons why the hell are we still saddled with this worthless key?

I think we should start a campaign to get the caps lock key removed. Who's with me?!?

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