Monday, October 03, 2005

Out of the bonfire of Iraq

Why does Condi Rice think that democracy would wipe away the hatreds that the US and Israel have created in the Middle East? How does she know that Middle Eastern democracy would not uphold terrorism against Israel and the US? In the US democracy is upholding an illegal war based on deceit. In Israel democracy is upholding genocidal practices against the Palestinians. Does Condi Rice really believe that democracy, a mere political form, insures that people and their governments never behave wrongly, immorally, or violently? [Paul Craig Roberts]

This impassioned piece by Paul Craig Roberts expresses the frustration that I feel with British and American states that are, seemingly, in the grip of insanity and taking on the mantle of an unstoppable force.

Out of the bonfire of Iraq new fires will spread and we made it happen.

I despair.

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