What on earth are you listening to?

 ¬°Ay caramba! Clear Channel goes latino

In an insightful and scary article on Salon.com, Eric Boehlert recently discussed a plan now before the FCC to dominate the US Latino airwaves. The proposed merger is one between the Hispanic Broadcasting Company (HBC), the leading Spanish-language radio network in the United States with 63 stations, and Univision Communications, the leading Spanish-language television broadcast company and a major Latino music label. The combined company would control almost 70% of the Spanish language advertising in the United States. Since Hispanics represent 14% of the US population and growing, you do the math.

[Oligopoly Watch]

Good grief! Does anybody still turn the Radio on in America?  How can you bear it?  I got used to taking a whole bunch of CD's whenever I was there.

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