The Home Office are at it again

Make your stand now

Paul Makepeace at Ecademy:

Take a stand on UK ID cards [Paul Makepeace]. Once again the UK govt is trying to foist a national ID system on the Brits. has prepared a piece to enable people to review the govt docs, and send an email to Those In Charge. There isn't a lot of time left. If you're going to do this, do it now. It's worth noting that this kind of protest killed off the RIP bill, so it works. It's very easy - read the page -- lively, short and entertainingly informative -- then click on the relevant checkboxes in Step 1, edit the form they present, and then off it goes. You must edit the box as it contains instructions that would look particularly stupid if sent. Here's what I hastily threw together, Dear Sir/Madam, I was dismayed recently to learn about the Government's proposals for Entitlement Cards (aka ID cards). [Ecademy: user blogs]

Is restriction of liberty hardwired into politicians?

[Dangerous thinking]

Here we go again.

Part of the problem is that MP's are, by and large, horribly ill-informed about IT issues.  Couple this with a need to be seen to be doing something and you have a nasty situation where any loud voice is likely to receive widespread support.

My own MP gets most of her information from the Home Office.  She's a Labour MP so I guess she feels she can trust them.  This is bad.  Of course my own guilty secret is that I was supposed to be sending them information about where they kind find other opinions about RIP.  I could have thrown in some stuff about identity cards too.  I still should.

In the meantime it's off to the Stand.


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