klog as sounding board

Multiplier effects in klognets.

The Weblogging Multiplier Effect. Some thoughts about the significance of weblogging for instruction and scholarship. [EduResources]

[...] The booster or multiplier that occurs when a person writes about what she or he thinks, observes, and reads, and then receives comments from others within a few hours or days makes an incalculable difference--the difference between private and public writing. This difference multiplies what can be learned and also multiplies the responsibility for thinking through what is said. If a writer's greatest tool is a large wastebasket (as, I believe, Hemingway remarked); the next greatest tool is a real audience.

Again, very good stuff from Joseph Hart. A must-read. In a similar vein, see the article by Verna Allee containing the famous quote Knowledge = power, so share and it multiplies.

[Seb's Open Research]

I've always been happiest when I have a sounding board for my ideas which are often half-formed or just plain out of phase.  The power of the weblog as sounding board is that those ideas can kick around some, be rediscovered when the time is right or just act as big flags to warn you "danger Will Robinson!"

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