Making ends meet

This is a difficult post to write.

The last 5 months have been some of the most interesting and exciting of my life.  When I started blogging I couldn't have imagined what a dramatic impact it would have on me.  I've been thinking more during this time than at any other time in my life and, having found a voice, sharing more.  It's been very liberating.  It also seems to me that the path I am on now may define my course for years to come.

Starting a business was something I really wanted to do.  But I wasn't ready for the challenge, economy or no economy.  I've learned so many things, like the supreme importance of your network and, by extension, your brand relative to things like products and services.  But it's hard to run a business when every little thing is a lesson.  Despite good advice I've made mistake and after mistake and they keep coming.  On one hand I'm constantly learning and that's fun, but on the other hand it doesn't necessarily make for good business.

I want to continue, I hope to continue.  I believe (dangerous as that is) that k-logging has an important future, my inability to come up with the right message or pilot site not withstanding, and is going to be a good business to be in.  I also want to continue because I'm talking to and sharing ideas with some great people and that's always cool.  But the hard reality is that I haven't made it work yet and I'm almost at the end of my rope.

I've started looking for a job, posting my resume to various recruitment sites.  So heres where we come to the difficult bit:

Please, if you or someone you know could use my skills (CV will be up when Word agrees with me about what HTML is):

  • Java application development
  • Technical consultancy
  • Web development (Servlets/JSP, Perl, Cold Fusion)
  • Knowledge Management (+quite a lot of experience with Livelink) implementation or consultancy
  • Systems Management (Quite a bit of Solaris & WinNT/2K + a smattering of linux)
  • Tech support / Client support

please do get in touch, I could really use some help at the moment.

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