American Mile Markers

One picture per mile from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge all strung together in a beautiful interface.  I really loved Matt Frondorf's American Mile Markers.

“I wanted what I did to be seamless and moving like me, east to west. So I mounted the camera upside down, which allowed the contact prints to be oriented in the proper east to west, left to right orientation.” He set the camera with an automatic exposure that would hold the shutter speed (4000th of a second) constant and adjust the aperture as the daylight changed. “Using a little trig,” he figured with the 63 degree field of view afforded by the camera lens, each exposure would produce a frame with a mile-wide view at a point 0.82 of a mile from the road. This gives uniformity to the frames and helps to create the panorama aspect.

When Matt got to San Francisco and shot the Golden Gate Bridge at mile 3,304, he celebrated with a pizza and a beer. It was a Friday, six days after he left New York. He dismounted the camera, drove home, and was back in his office on Monday morning. "

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