HomePlug and Wi-Fi will make a good solution

Okay so I've been dreaming about having the money to put Wi-Fi in the house.  The problem is that I know I'm gonna need several base stations to cover the entire house and garden, maybe as many as 6 in order to get good signal everywhere.  That's expensive and, worse still, I have to run cable somehow to connect them all up.

Bob Cringely has been writing about HomePlug which is a networking standard that uses the power sockets as connectors and the electrical wiring in your house to give you a 14Mbps broadband connection around your home.  14Mbps may not be that great, but it's surely good enough and the best part is: no wiring.

Now, like Bob, I tend to have my laptop plugged in to the mains most of the time.  HomePlug would mean I could dispense with most of the wireless access points in the house.  Maybe just having one for the conservatory and garden.

Now where on earth can I get this in the UK?

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