Boycott These Sites.

"COPENHAGEN, Denmark, July 5 — Challenging the World Wide Web’s fundamental premise of linking, a Danish court ordered an Internet news service to stop linking to Web sites of Danish newspapers. Copenhagen’s lower bailiff’s court ruled Friday that was in direct competition with the newspapers and that the links it provided to specific news articles damaged the value of the newspapers’ advertisements.". Danish court bars Web site’s links.

From [DotBlog]

» At the moment it seems to be the choice of these sites if they do not want to allow deep-linking.  Equally as DotBlog points out it is our choice to opt out of these sites and hope that they whither on the vine.  Interesting idea to centrally manage a boycott but too prone to misuse I think.

Maybe this should be like a Usenet Death Penalty.  It wouldn't be too hard to have some kind of RSS feed where people can propose sites which prevent deep-linking so that those who want to can simply not use them.  Maybe using enclosures to send some kind of script to make it easier to observe...


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