Silly tool for Radio

<%myNote( QuoteBoxSuite.quoteBox(), "yellow", "right" )%>

I've just released my first UserLand Radio tool.  It's very silly but has taught me a bit about tools, Radio and UserTalk programming.

Called 'QuoteBox' what it does is to download the days quotes from and allow you to embed a quotation in one of your HTML pages using the macro <%QuoteBoxSuite.quoteBox()%>.


It only downloads the quotations once each day (in accordance with QuotationsPage instructions) and dishes up a random quote each time it is called.

Installation instructions.  Download the QuoteBox.root file into the Tools sub folder of your Radio installation, then add the macro to a template page.

Some simple configuration of the macro can be done using the parameters:

  • width
  • borderColour
  • bgColour

e.g. <%QuoteBoxSuite.quoteBox( "100%", "black", "white" )%>

The example in this posting has been wrapped inside Paolo Valdemarin's myNote() macro which creates a very nice highlight effect.  Thank you Paolo!


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