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All the wrong signals

I was reading this article about Microsoft's top-execs frowning on people in the company using iPhones. Ballmer & Turner were gung-ho for using MS products in the face of obvious deficiencies.

I can't imagine many people, even at Microsoft, think any of the Windows Mobile phone range is actually better than an iPhone or, say, a Nexus One. Does Ballmer still stand by that $99 Motorola Q-phone.

Rather than being hostile to employees using iPhones. Rather than aping destroying an employee's iPhone. Why not encourage people to use the best and ask why that isn't Microsoft's product.

Surely it's much more powerful for Ballmer & Turner to use an iPhone and turn round to their employees and say "Why? Why is the CEO of Microsoft having to carry around an iPhone? Do better."

15/03/2010 09:16 by Matt Mower | Permalink
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Something cool for Reichatron users

The composer Simon Stockhausen has just released a new sample map & set of accompany snapshots for my Reaktor instrument Reichatron.

I heartily recommend you download and listen to them since there are some great sounds in there ("scifi world" is my favourite). Visit PatchPool and follow the Reaktor link in the left hand sidebar. The download is at the bottom of the list on the right hand side of the page.

It's a strange new feeling for me to have someone take something I made and do something this cool with it. Many thanks Simon!

05/03/2010 13:54 by Matt Mower | Permalink