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How timely

"An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else's." -- JD Salinger.

This from The Impossible Cool popped up in Google Reader this morning while I was thinking, with increasing nervousness, about RPM 2010.

I'm claiming this one for my own and giving up worrying about what other people might think about what I'll be able to do (or not do) for my first RPM.

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Passing 10K

Yesterday I passed 10,000 listens of the tracks I have shared on Alonetone and I think it's a milestone worth celebrating.

Even two years ago the idea that I would be making music would have seemed fanciful. I love music, but what do I know about how it's made? What talent have I anyway? Until 2008 I think my closest contact with an instrument was tapping a triangle at school.

At this point I have made some 70 tracks, and - I think - many hundreds of people have listened to them and, at least a few of them, have enjoyed them. I know I have. I'm not claiming these are anything more than you'd expect from someone who has a years worth of experience in a complex, creative, field but... I've made a few that I love, like this one.

I'm signed up to do the RPM challenge in 2010. I've no clue what I'm going to do and few expectations about what kind of an album I will come up with. But... I'm making an album this year.

How crazy is that?

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Dipping my toes in wiki again

Well I'm not entirely sure a wiki is what I want. As a text writing environment I think wiki's are pretty poor but they still seem to be best game in town for attracting participation and that's mostly what I want.

I'm trying out DokuWiki which seems pretty simple and pretty nice. It supported ACL's out of the box and seems to have anti-spam measures available. I've seen too many wiki's descend into spam hell to consider any wiki that doesn't have a modicum of defences available. It also has a reasonable WYSIWYG editor, image upload, and some other nice features and, if I don't care for it being PHP, I've been able to grok the code when I had to look at it.

I started with the Ubuntu install of doku but couldn't seem to get it up to date (which meant horrible messages at the top of every page) so I just scrapped that and started again, downloading the latest release and installing it myself.

I'm using a rather ancient version of nginx which I, again, seem to have installed myself. I should probably switch back to the Ubuntu one (I think maybe I couldn't figure out how to install that when I originally started on Slicehost). This made setting up the clean url's harder but I got there eventually.

I did have a problem with DokuWiki not recognising login sessions when clean URL's were enabled. The login process worked but, after logging in, you... wouldn't be logged in. I tried turning on the PHP variable to make it use cookies for sessions but that didn't help. In the end giving DokuWiki it's hostname & path rather than letting it auto-detect them seemed to work.

Now I have a working wiki and it's not looking too bad. Especially after adding a couple of the plugins to support things like inline notes.

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Book development tools

I'm considering creating a book and, to begin with, I want to collaboratively develop an outline for what the book should cover. I wouldn't expect more than a dozen contributors (if I'm lucky!) but the tool would need to handle it. It would be nice to find a tool that would segue nicely into the writing (and, even, layout) task but that's less essential.

If anyone has personal recommendations of online tools they've worked with that would be suitable for that purpose I'd be grateful to hear them.

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