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One Logic crash too many

File this one under "I was tired" or "I am an asshole" but this is the crash report I just sent to Apple.

you know i bought Logic because I wanted to be creative, i wanted to make music.

This app crashes SO FUCKING MUCH it's almost unbearable.

I opened Logic, I added an instrument, I selected Kore2 Stereo, I got to audition one patch and then the plugin window disappeared and Logic was beachballed never to return.

I mean yes, I can crash other apps, but I have never come across a single app that has given me more trouble than Logic.

When you released 9.0 and 10.6 I thought "At least, they will have been designed to work well together" and finally Logic might actually, you know, work for an hour or two.

If anything I have had a worse time with Logic 9 and 10.6 than I did with Logic 8 on 10.5. More "System overload" messages when my CPU's are idle, more "Disk too slow" messages, more "Cannot sync MIDI and audio" and all the rest of the bullshit that seems to be Logic's stock-in-trade now.

Yes this is a rant, yes it's unfair, I am sure plenty of people have no trouble with Logic.

But you know, I wanted to make music and instead I am writing another in what seems to have been a long series of crash reports.

Here's hoping for Logic 10 on 10.7.

Good night.

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