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Elysium journey

Recently I have been running the final stages of beta-testing of Elysium, my harmonic table based generative MIDI sequencer (what a mouthful!), and it's in pretty good shape. I'm especially grateful to Seth Elgart]( who has lead the final charge and, largely due to his efforts, a huge number of fit & finish issues have been cleaned up that make the out-of-the-box experience much better (especially the new-user experience).

I released Elysium 0.9 as an open source application under the MIT license on the 1st January this year. But I'd been working on it for some time prior to that and I realized, yesterday, that I broke ground on the application on 20th July 2008 which means that, on Monday, it will have been exactly on year since I started the application that kicked off my musical journey.

The stars will not quite align right to let me release 1.0 on Monday because there is still a lot to do: clean up a couple of things (which I am getting some help with) about the look of the app, create some demo patterns, update the documentation, make an intro video, and update the website.

This application has really meant a lot to me because it's opened an entirely new, enjoyable, side of my life. Whatever the version number (currently 1.0RC6) I'll be celebrating it's birthday on Monday.

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Never trust a social media consultant!

I was just catching up on Giles Bowkett's blog and I noticed a recent post in which he talks about his qualifications to be a social media consultant. He leads off with a google search for "Giles" where his blog appears as the 7th result overall and 5th if you don't count video. That's pretty amazing, to be on the first page of Google results for your first name.

So I thought to myself "I can play that game" and searched for 'matt'. Now my history with the Google search results is not uncheckered. For a long time my blog languished ~150th place when you searched for my full name! So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the following:

Why there I am!

I'm in 6th place overall but, if you don't count news and video results, I'm just one place off the medals in 4th! And that's up against much stiffer competition: 15,000,000 search hits for 'giles' vs. a whopping 157,000,000 for 'matt'!

Clearly I am a social media force to be reckoned with!

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