Sunday, February 15, 2009


I quite often find myself digging through Rails log files while developing and having to page through all that crap looking for one particular request I want, and then to get the right information out of it, is a pain. Several times I've thought something like "I wish I had an app that would let me sift through the request log more easily."

I decided to bite the bullet and see if I could write one. The result is spike 1.0. It's slow (there is some kind of GC compatibility issue with a frameworks I have used that's causing a particular problem), doesn't do everything you might hope, and only tested on the two log files I have to hand. But it solves my immediate problem:

I can load up a log file and see the requests in a table with all the pertinent details visible in one place. Then I can filter by controller, action, client, or session and dig out some of the details of any requests that look interesting.

I guess I am finding it a lot easier to write Cocoa apps now. This kind of task, although still relatively simple, would have been out of my league a year ago and would certainly have taken more than a days effort to get to a working application.

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