Thursday, January 08, 2009

Making Xcode sub-projects actually work

Since I am just bound to forget this pretty soon I thought I'd publicly thank Rainer for his help last night in getting Xcode sub-projects to work.

The problem is that just dragging the sub-project into your main project isn't enough. The sub-project target can't be dragged anywhere and doesn't build. Nor can you make it a target dependency via any of the myriad dialogs and panels that Xcode will sprout on demand.

Rainer had the answer which is to right click the "Groups & Files" header and include the "Target Membership" checkbox in the project tree. Then click the revealed checkbox next to the sub-project target.

With that done the sub-project builds and it's target can be dragged into, for example, a later copy files build-phase.

I'm grateful, once again, to Rainer for solving what was becoming a quite vexatious issue for me!

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Propane has been launched

Trevor Squires, he of the neat Ack bundle for TextMate, has released his most excellent Campfire chat client: Propane. Now at v0.9 (but rock solid for me for some weeks) it's available for a limited time for $20. I just snagged license number 197.

It's a nice, focused, app that adds value to campfire and delivers all the nice stuff i've had from various different routes to campfire in one app. Well worth it to me. If you've ever used Campfire I recommend giving Propane a try.

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What piano teachers and karate teachers have in common

It's funny. As I was listening to my piano teacher, Elliot, talking to me today I kept hearing Sensei. When he said "I'd rather you played it slowly and got it right, then speed it up" I could almost have been in the dojo.

I was just saying to Bethlet that I'm having to get comfortable with that noob feeling all over again. Like when I started karate and felt like I had two left feet. It's the same uncomfortable sensation. I think maybe that's a good thing. To keep going through that.

Elliot says there is hope for me... with a lot of hard practice ;-)

I have to say that the feeling when I played a bar and knew I'd got the timing right and it sounded right was very good.

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Hi-way Hi-fi

This is too good not to look at.

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