Saturday, September 20, 2008

EA fiddle

Just read EA's reaction to the Spore crisis:

The company said today that it would boost the limit to five computers. It also will allow players to transfer the game an unlimited number of times so long as each copy is installed on no more than five computers at the same time. EA also said it would sometimes let players go beyond that limit, depending on the circumstances.

Probably just having done something will help to quiet the storm of protest over EA's DRM scheme. But it fiddles with the edges while not addressing three salient points:

  1. DRM does little to stop the pirates and, if anything, strong DRM seems to encourage them so. So why use strong DRM when lighter forms can discourage casual piracy?

  2. Their DRM scheme still includes SecuROM which should (based on reports I've read) be regarded with grave suspicion and perhaps even horror.

  3. Their DRM scheme still leaves the open question of what happens when EA shut down the Spore Activation servers.

Spore may never recover from this, 2500 1* reviews are a lot to overcome. It will be interesting to see how future EA blockbuster titles fare now.

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