Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a problem alright

But more importantly, Microsoft lacks any need to exist. As a brand, the company has established itself as a huge meaningless nothing. At its core ideology and corporate identity, Microsoft symbolizes not a faltering greatness in technology as the old Apple did, but a tumbling monstrosity of conniving, greedy, short sighted megalomania. Microsoft never aspired to deliver great products; it only ever sought to destroy competitors and spread its brand name. -- Roughly Drafted

It's hard to see a rosy future for Microsoft sat atop a dwindling monopoly shored up by products that will enthuse only zealots. They should have stuck to selling C compilers.

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It won't be the same season

I've just pre-ordered Out of the Park Baseball version 9 for MacOSX. I sank many happy hours into OOTP5 and OOTP6. I bought the first Mac version of OOTP but, honestly, didn't enjoy it very much and didn't play it but I was happy to purchase it to support them because they did a Mac port. I also figured that, if they didn't abandon the Mac, a future version would recapture the feel I loved about version 5 or develop a new, even better, feel :)

From what I've read OOTP9 could well be that version and I'm happy to keep on supporting the OOTP developments crew to the tune of a might £16!

Two things really sold me. The first was sound in the play-by-play game. It seems silly but I found the p-b-p sterile without it. The second was that they've found some way of having the real-rosters in the game.

Whilst I applauded the Herculean efforts of the fans that assembled roster packs it wasn't an ideal situation and last time I checked there was a long delay. I tend to sim through quite a few years when I get into OOTP and, eventually, there are no "real" players left in the game. But I found starting with fake players unsatisfying. I liked handing the torch over to prospects and enjoyed the sense of continuity that brought.

I'm also swayed by the fact that OOTP9 is universal on Mac and apparently the interface is pretty snappy. It was certainly slow as molasses last time I tried it which was quite disappointing. Otherwise the UI was pretty good.

I don't know if I have the hours to waste simming baseball but, since I have a hard time watching it, it's the next best thing :)

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