Saturday, May 05, 2007

The devil gets all the best lines

Dad scored us tickets to last nights recording of Episodes 3 and 5 of Old Harry's Game at the Drill Hall near Goodge St. I can't believe there are still people who've never heard OHG but I do bump into them. If you like your comedy irreverent, witty, and deeply funny and don't mind risking the odd thunderbolt then OHG could be for you. This series will air on BBC Radio 4 in Sep/Oct of this year.

The shows we saw were very both very good although Episode 5 was the funnier for me. I really enjoyed the detective scene and Felicity Montagu's foul mouthed Jane Austen making a re-appearance. The whole thing is made so much more enjoyable by being able to watch a cast who so obviously get a kick out of working together amidst a crowd of people who are so pleased to be there. A word to the wise, if you are going to a recording, turn up early. They were turning people away because the stand-by line was overflowing!

The cast is all people I've enjoyed over the years: Andy Hamilton, Annette Crosby, Philip Pope, Jimmy Mulville, Felicity Montagu, and Nick Revell. However I want to single out the unsung hero of the cast for me: Michael Fenton Stevens. He's a very funny guy, really gets into what he's doing, and does a raft of great voices (his Mordechai and Inspector were particularly enjoyable). He recently played Ralph in Trevors World of Sport and starred as Inspector Steine in the eponymously named radio mysteries (which were excellent). I'm really looking forward to hearing what Michael does next.

Like watching the clue recordings last year, the OHG recording was a great way to spend an evening.

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