Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learning about Maiden Hythe

I've lived in Maidenhead for about 7 months and (through my Dad living here) been visiting here much longer. But I never troubled to look much into the town. I am one of those people for whom surroundings are like the scenery in a play or movie set. You know it's there, but you spend your time concentrating on the actors.

Today I read a little about the history of Maidenhead. The name originates in a new wharf (or Maiden Hythe) that was built across the river Thames some time after the year 1255. As with so many places bridging a river created new opportunities and the town sprang into being.

On the page I have linked to above there are some postcards of the town from 1944. Bought by a US service man stationed near by and carried through the Normany landings they should a town that is, at once recognizable, and yet totally alien.

Now I'm off to visit some history.

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