Thursday, May 25, 2006

Continuing on the path of divergence

It's not that I was really looking forward to buying a Playstation 3 but if the news that Sony are moving to individuals licensing, not buying, games (to stamp out the aftermarket we're told) is true then it will be enough to stop me buying one. BTW: Even if they do this I don't think it will be a technical solution, I think it will be a legal solution to stop public trading.

In the 4 years I've owned a PS2 I've never sold a game and I've bought 4 so my problem isn't my love of the aftermarket. The reason I don't like this is that it's yet another thin end of the wedge about the way content owners are trying to redefine their relationship with us would be consumers (or the enemy as they like to call us).

We must remember that this move is being taken by Sony who recently got into hot water (but not hot enough IMO) by secretly adding RootKit based DRM to their media products. We should consider very carefully the motives behind what they do and what they think they can get away with. Or, rather, you should if you plan to give them your money.

To be very clear I am not in favour of trying to stop Sony closing down the PS3 aftermarket. As long as they are up front and open about what they are doing and how it will be achieved then I think they have a perfect right to put whatever walls around their content will make them happy. I just won't go along with it as long as I have a choice and it will ultimately self correct as the network effects hurt their business.

What is Nintendo's attitude towards it's customers? Maybe I need to switch platforms.

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Vista should've been codenamed White Elephant

I just leafed through Chris Pirillo's Vista Beta 2 feedback and had to chuckle. I don't know what OS X 'Tiger' or 'Panther' looked like 8 months before release, maybe they were in a similar kind of mess, but I doubt Apple had to contend with dialog boxes from the Windows 3.1 days!

The Vista release saga (now with extra delay!) is increasingly farcical to behold, especially in the light of the question "Who's waiting for this thing?"

To this outsider Vista sounds like Windows XP SP3.5 with a not terribly well conceived UI. Performance will be variable and reliability will continue to a problem as registry files grow and grow. I have no doubt that M$ will shift a bunch of units via OEM but will anyone actually go out and buy an upgrade to this turkey?

If I was a Microsoft stock holder I might be starting to give credence to the idea that M$ was deliberately depressing it's own stock price.

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Links for 25/05/2006

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Scary but cool

The SmackBookPro is the hot new way to switch desktops. It's really very cool to watch even if I'm not sure I'd do it myself. I grew up with hard disks where the heads would crash if you look at them funny. Consequently I still treat my PowerBook like it's made of glass.

Maybe I'm just living in the past ;-)

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