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Mon May 10 14:28:28 BST 2004  Permalink 

[Reproduced with the kind permission of Tom Tomorrow]

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Pretty templates do not an update make. As reported by Boing Boing and the BBC, Blogger has updated its service and user interface. But not very much.

[Chocolate and Vodka]
Uber-Polymath Suw lays into Blogger and, by the sounds of it, deservedly so.

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Terry put me on to EditMe which is a hosted Wiki service and it's quite impressive.

Two things really strike me:

  1. They got rid of Wiki markup and use a WYSIWYG editor like blogs do.  This is great.  I'm not terribly anti- WikiMarkup except that it's grown into this horrible overblown formatting language, or should I say into a hundred overblown formatting language and every wiki has it's own damned brand of it.  Hello? Standards?
  2. They have a good, simple, security model.  Pages are visible to public, registered users, administrators.  Pages can be edited by public, registered users, administrators.  You get a drop-down on the page.  Neat.

It's priced to go at $5/month for the basic service.  If they have an open Wiki-API too I'd be in heaven.
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permalink.gif (ENT2.0 mod RSS1.0) = 0

Mon May 10 10:51:09 BST 2004  Permalink 

Time for ENT 2.0?. It's very interesting to read Danny's toughts about ENT and RSS 1.0. Maybe it's time for a new release of the ENT specs, RSS 1.0 compatible. Oh... and what about Atom?
[Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

I've certainly thought about things which, with the benefit of hindsight, I would have done differently.  I was never comfortable with having the topic name as the text content of the element and I've no idea why I did it, there are other bugbears in there too.

I'd also like to give more thought as to how ENT feeds can be supported by topic map resources in real applications.  At the moment we don't publish XTM or XFML maps out of K-Collector but we could (I used to publish XFML from liveTopics but those files got big!)

Lastly I would really like to make a push for ENT support in other applications.  It seems a shame to me that, more than a year on, no other applications seem to have picked up on the benefits topic based aggregation offer to users.

permalink.gif Dinosaur thinking at work

Mon May 10 10:39:33 BST 2004  Permalink 

Sony US music service an 'embarrassment'. Too many wrongs, too few rights By Tony Smith . [The Register]

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permalink.gif "It will be china shop rules in Iraq: you break it, you pay for it."

Mon May 10 08:24:00 BST 2004  Permalink 

Peter Galbraith: How to get out of Iraq. [John Robb's Weblog]

A very long and interesting piece from someone who has experience in Iraq and seems to have done a lot of thinking about how to go forward.  His conclusion is that the best odds of avoiding full-on civil war are to establish a loose confederation of 3 republics.  Each republic having management of it's own security & administration.  The central authority would be a weak presidency, rotating among the 3 groups, with control over foreign policy, monetary issues (e.g. sharing of oil revenues).
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