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Tue May 04 22:27:15 BST 2004  Permalink 

On the subject of dynamic languages for Java I wondered whether anyone had created embeddable Common Lisp.  Turns out they had and it's called Jatha.

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The role of Jython. "Whether or not you like dynamic languages, you better warm up to 'em because they're not going away any time soon." [ Daily Update]

Whilst I agree with the message I'm puzzling over the seemingly popularity of Jython when something like BeanShell is available.  For one thing I don't get Python, to me it looks like a mess (although I'm sure it all makes sense really.)  But, more important, since I am writing Java applications it makes sense that I have interpreted Java as my dynamic scripting language.

Not only does it mean I don't have to mix/learn another language but it also holds out the possibility of being able to move compiled code out into scripts where flexibility was an advantage, or bring scripts back into compiled code where performance becomes an issue.

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Tue May 04 21:39:36 BST 2004  Permalink 

Sony opens US music download store. Connect to MiniDisc By Tony Smith . [The Register]
Even if this weren't totally a brain dead idea (as Marc observed earlier) SonicStage sucks ass. I may not like iTMS but at least the iTunes software is smooth.

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How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons. The hawks who launched the Iraq war believed the deal-making exile when he promised to build a secular democracy with close ties to Israel. Now the Israel deal is dead, he's cozying up to Iran -- and his patrons look like they're on the way out. A Salon exclusive. []

This makes for fascinating reading.

I think any reasonable American (of whatever persuation) must vote against George Bush in the next election. Not because he is monstrously wrong in his policy decisions (although I believe it to be true) but because of the risk that he is monstrously wrong.

The dust won't settle properly for another year at least. Do you really want him still sat there smugly telling you how great everything is when you have finalized realised he has, after all, dropped you in the shit? On the other hand, if Iraq does turn into a democratic paradise in the Middle East you can always send him a post card to say 'sorry.'
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Tue May 04 19:09:23 BST 2004  Permalink 

Here's locking down you, kid - MS hawks vision of DRM future. Catalyzes recurring revenue model, it says here By John Lettice . [The Register]

Needless to say I won't be buying one of these devices, nor will I be licensing the legitimate content to go on them.  I intend to boycott all such things until the industry takes a serious approach to consumer rights, i.e. forever.

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Tue May 04 10:21:04 BST 2004  Permalink 

More little stars. Got back from London today after a fantastic night out on Saturday with a covey of fellow bloggers: Doc Searls, Euan Semple, Matt Mower, Gary Turner, Tom Coates, Cory Doctorow, Danah Boyd, Julian Elve, Tom Dolan, James Cox (who also has photos here), plus a few other people who turned up later that I didn't manage to talk to properly.

So yes, a sterling evening out. Must do it again sometime. Oh, wait, I am... [Chocolate and Vodka]

I wish Radio let you do the little stars.... ;-(