Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Advertising on Feedster.

Advertising on Feedster

 Its Here! 

Fully self service, powered by paypal.  Should be easy enough to use but if you have problems, let me know.

[The FuzzyBlog!]

Interesting.  Advertising has certainly been extremely kind to Google.  Good look to Scott & company they've certainly put the effort in.

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Buoying up Swing

Coding Naked. Getting started programming in Java can be a daunting task. Experienced programmers don't think twice about creating a GUI and adding a JButton. Ken Arnold suggests that you look at the JButton class with the eyes of a newbie. It is overwhelming. Scan the number of methods that are available to you from JButton directly and from the hierarchy from which it descends: AbstractButton, JComponent, Container, Component, and Object itself. All you want to do is create a button with a label that is tied to some action when it is clicked. What's all this other stuff? [Java Today Daily News]

Another good reason to take a look at Buoy.  It's good software.  Using the FormContainer to layout dialogs is so easy and straightforward, the event model is sweet.  What's not to like?

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Mozilla ascendant

Mozilla Foundation Launches. From the press release: MOZILLA.ORG ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION TO LEAD OPEN-SOURCE BROWSER EFFORTS America Online Pledges $2... [Mitch Kapor's Weblog]

Does this herald a period of reinvigoration for the browser?

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Aggregator url.

Scott Johnson: what I'd recommend to aggregator vendors is that they standardize on an aggregator:// protocol so that other tools which produce RSS can easily embed that into applications.  I'd gladly add a generic Aggregator button to Feedster in a heartbeat so that this could work with any tool that handles the aggregator:// protocol.  [The FuzzyBlog!]

Sounds like a good idea to me. We'd happily support it too within our current and future applications. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

I don't quite understand the idea, what is processing this aggragator:// protocol scheme?  And what is it telling you?

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Adopt an MP

Adopt an MP. Get your MP blogging [From The Orient]

I tried to demonstrate the benefits of blogging to a member of my MP's staff about 6 months ago.  His response can be summed up as "but we already have a website!"

Perhaps they will be more receptive to the idea now.

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