Tuesday, May 13, 2003

They have our best interests at heart

[Reprinted with the kind permission of Tom Tomorrow]

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On ultra-fast carbon memory. Nanotubes [The Register]

I read about this in the MIT technology magazine a little over a year ago.  It sounds like Nantero have make astounding progress since then (assuming they can back up their claim of delivering sample chips this year).

Nanotube memory has huge advantages over silicon.  Chiefly in size, access times & non-volatility.  Imagine a computer with a 10Gb memory that is always on.  Hard-disk manufacturers beware.  Nanotube based CPU's also offer a raft of advantages over silicon.

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k-collector goes live

Paolo and I are now subscribed to a single shared cloud (called WWWW) of topics using the k-collector server and client for Radio.

This means that our posts will be aggregated together by k-collector on the basis of the topics we use.  The demo interface shows a simple hierarchical view but we have lots of other things planned.

Another poweful feature of this setup is the shared topic roll.  Because we are both subscribed to the WWWW topic roll we use the same topics and any topics we create are automatically made available to other subscribers.

For example I am creating a topic 'Paolo Valdemarin' to attach to this post.  In a little while Paolo's client will automatically have this new topic available for those moments when he wishes to talk about himself!

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CSS based Tabs (and simple too by gum)

Tabs with CSS.

Joshua Kaufman - CSS Tabs. How to create tabbed navigation with CSS.

I really need to make a CSS category.

[High Context]

Excellent.  I had just been wondering about this very thing this morning.

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International Blog Aggregator

Blog Aggregator Intl. My good friend Giuseppe Granieri has opened an international version of his blog aggregator I described back in March. It's a very experimental and totally manual aggregator (meaning that you have to visit a page to notify each post) but I must say that the Italian version has so far been very successful and useful. In some way it proves that if there is a good motivation (in this case visibility and participating to an interesting community), people do add useful metadata to their posts. What is now totally manual will soon become automagic using ENT and a topicroll for Radio and Movable Type users. You can also subscribe to the RSS summary feed. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

Blog Aggregator is a wonderful example of a social application at work.

Authors notify the system of items they have created that they wish to share with the group.  These posts are further annotated with metadata like "this is an ironic comment" allowing them to be categorized.

You can also promote an item if you feel it especially important.  Promoted items are placed in a higher profile position on the site.  The catch?  There is a currency that you spend to promote items so you can't abuse the system.

Up to now the Blog Aggregator has been based around a tight knit community of Italian bloggers.  It will be interesting to see how it copes with a much larger and more diverse constituency.  I have a feeling we may see a number of different communities emerge, each with their own interests and directions.

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Communal topics and super-blogs

Something we've just got working today (okay Simone got it working, but I did a valuable job cheering him on) is one of the final pieces in the k-collector puzzle.  The server now sends the client a URL corresponding to each topic in the cloud.  This enables the client to create on-the-fly links back to the server referring browsers to a live page about the topic.

liveTopics had the concept of the table of contents, a local directory of your topics and what posts they related to.  All very well in it's way but a far cry from the super-blogs I wrote about last July.  Specifically it wasn't live (you couldn't do anything with that data) and it wasn't shared, MY topics MY posts, bleugh!

If you click a topic name on my weblog now you don't get a local page but, instead, the dynamic k-collector page for that topic.  At the moment this is an aggregation of all the posts about that topic from anyone subscribing to the cloud.  Soon it will be much more.  k-collector has become my super blog and pretty soon we aim to have many more people subscribing.  We also hope to see other people creating clouds and boostrapping their own topic communities.

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Wanna know how it works?

K-collector. Matt has already written about k-collector today here and here. What can I add? Maybe a little drawing? [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

Yeah!  That's how it works.

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