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A nice Java pluggable look and feel is what Diego is looking for to apply to his great spaces app. A decent font rendering by the Java VM is what I hope Sun will provide, sooner or later. []

Of the L&F that I have seen Alloy looks quite promising.  However I think the best L&F I have seen so far is that of the Intellij IDEA development environment.  I wonder if they could be persuaded to package it?

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permalink.gif Birthday present for Paolo's blog

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<%googlami( "Paolo Valdemarin", "Paolo")%> wanted a macro that would link directly from a term like Paolo Valdemarin to the first hit returned by Google for that term. Here is a macro that will do that. (To install, right click the link and select "Save As" then save it as googlami.txt in your Radio Userland macros folder).

To use it you would use the source view in the post editor and type in:

<%googlami( "what i want to search for")%>

and it will generate a complete HTML link for that search.  If you want the text for the link to be different to the term, pass a second parameter with the text of the link, e.g.

<%googlami( "Paolo Valdemarin", "Paolo" )%>

Consider it a 1st birthday present for your blog :)

permalink.gif Home of the brave certainly...

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"Shut your mouth". As radio giants censor antiwar musicians, TV networks bully pro-peace actors, and Attorney General John Ashcroft prepares a new assault on civil liberties, a climate of intimidation creeps over America. []

Life would be much easier if everything was black and white.

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permalink.gif Happy birthday to you

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Only one year. One year ago today I opened this weblog. Yesterday I went trough the last 12 months of posts. I didn't read them all, but... well, I saw my life passing before my eyes. There are some posts that I wrote about one year ago that look like they could have been written yesterday while others belong to a very distant past, when my company and my life were different, we had other projects, other dreams. A lot of stuff has happened since them, good and bad. Among the good thing, I must say that weblogging in the last year has been a great experience, more than 61,000 "unique visitors" came on these pages, more than 1,5 millions hits. I have met a lot of incredibly smart people in the blogosphere and some have become friends. A warm thank you to everybody for this wonderful year. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

Paolo is among the nicest people I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know.  I don't think that would have happened but for his blog, so:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Paolo's blog,
Happy birthday to you!

Just one question: Are the English and Italian blogs twins?