Wednesday, January 08, 2003

A quandry over identity

Eric faces me?

Eric also says I'm being melodramatic about the Liberty Alliance view of individuals -- there, at least, he is wrong. It's the implementations by organizations that will treat us like slaves/consumers/baby-birds-to-be-stuffed-full-of-shit; the Liberty Alliance is simply facilitating organizational control of individual identity.

[RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing]

I've been skimming a lot of the recent and heavy traffic about digital identity and reputation.  There's a lot of it, it tends to be involved and it's not my focus at the moment (as if anything was ).

However comments like this make me wish I could really bite into it.  I wonder what is creeping along here, in the dark corners where nobody is really watching.

Is Mitch one of the few lone voices that we don't hear until it's too late?

Is there anyone out there who can blog a good, concise, summary of the issues and consequences?

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XML database reporting tool

Just released: the 1.0 version of xReporter, open source, XML-based Apache Avalon/Cocoon-based database reporting framework, available from

Most compelling features:

  • multiple datasources & report definitions
  • user/role-based report authorization, container-based authentication
  • column filtering & sorting, query by example
  • no programming required to define complex, multistep database reports
  • optionally using temporary tables
  • expression language & field validation
  • possibility to access non-SQL, 'Web Services' datasources
  • fully customizable look & feel using CSS and XSLT
  • flow control using XML and a ReST HTTP interface

xReporter is released under an Apache-style license, and we welcome contributions and patches as we try to grow this into a community-owned project. Currently, there is anonymous read-only cvs access and a downloadable tarball. There's a limited, live demo available on the project website, too.

From: xml-dev list

I don't have a need for this right now, but...

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Snow's off

It's stopped snowing.  Pity;  My cats and I were enjoying watching the snow fall...
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Can you help me?

Over the last several months I've been striving to develop a message about the problems and opportunities that I perceive for knowledge management.  The results of this activity are an evolving philosophy and the outlines of a methodology (which I am calling eXteme Knowledge Management).

The journey is far from over, and yet I have already met a lot of great people who have had a profound influence on my thinking and helped me to many valuable insights.  The list is too great to mention but many of you are in my blog roll.  In many ways what I am doing has been successful, but in other, important, ways it has not.

I have failed outright in making sufficient contacts in the trenches.  I haven't talked to enough people who are buyers, users and ultimately either victims or champions of KM.  In short I haven't spoken to the people the message is for...   What this means is that to a great extent this message is growing in a vacuum and that's not what I want.

And so I turn to you, gentle reader.  Can you help me?

I would be really grateful if anyone can give me names of contacts within companies that they think would wish to talk about Knowledge Management.  Better yet, if you felt confident to introduce me to people who you think might fit the bill.

Before I go any further though, let me say that I am absolutely not looking for an opportunity to make a sales pitch.  I want the opportunity to listen to people and try and understand their pain a little better.  I want to discuss the message and get some feedback.  Do the ideas I am promoting make sense?  And, if not, can they be made to?  How should they be applied?  What are the concerns?

I'm looking for an opportunity to converse, not to put on the hard sell.

My primary focus is on project delivery (management, visibility, collaboration,...) and I would like to aim at:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research & Development
  • Software Houses

So, please, if you can help me, do get in touch.

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Looking for my next aggregator

Okay this is a real problem with the Radio news aggregator.  There is an RSS item that I know is in there somewhere, I saw it this afternoon, but I can't find it.

It has been buried by a mountain of new items.  As far as I can tell the only way to find it again is to delete enough items that Radio will show it on the news page again.  Oh I guess that I can find the feed URL and fake a URL for the Zoom feature to display all items from that feed... (since the feed doesn't appear on the news page at all right now).

As I come to depend more and more upon RSS to keep track of the life & work of the people I am becoming friends and colleagues with I am increasingly finding that the Radio aggregator doesn't cut it.  This is just one of a number of items that are bugging me and I don't have time to address, even if I thought it was a worthwhile exercise.

I'd really like to try out some of the alternatives.  Can anyone recommend any aggregator software?  It must run on Windows (so don't suggest iNews) and ideally it should be written in Java (but that's just a nice to have).

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